Educational / Vocational Assessments

Educational Assessments

I liaise with schools to assist learning difficulties, gifted and talented, and emotional and behavioural problems. Working with the schools and families as a team approach produces optimum results for your child.  Finding answers to the following queries is key to unlocking your child’s true potential:

  • What is your child’s overall level of functioning?
  • What are your child’s gifted areas?
  • Are there any “road blocks”, learning difficulties, which inhibit your child’s educational advancement?
  • What is your child’s learning style? What is the most efficient way for your child to learn?
  • What is the appropriate remedial technique to assist your child’s learning difficulties?
  • How can this technique be intertwined with your child’s school program?

Vocational Assessments

I conduct vocational assessments, which will provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • What careers would be most suited for me?
  • What subjects should I chose at school, university or Tafe?
  • I’ve got my degree and / or job, but I’m still not happy. What career transition can I make to reach my full potential?